Tips For Storing Wood Furniture In A Storage Unit

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Tips For Storing Wood Furniture In A Storage Unit

20 October 2017
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If you do not want to spend a little extra each month to get a temperature-controlled storage unit, you could place your wood furniture in a regular storage. The downside to this is that wood furniture holds up better if it is in a temperature-controlled unit. There are steps you could take, though, to keep your wood furniture safe for a short time in a regular unit. Here are some ways to do this:

Clean the Furniture Before Storing It

One of the best things you can do before storing furniture is to clean it. Cleaning it helps remove food particles from the items, which is important when storing it. If your furniture has any food stuck to it or in the crevices, the food will attract bugs and rodents, and you will want to keep bugs and rodents away from the items.

Cleaning it also helps protect it in other ways. For example, if you polish wood furniture before storing it, the polish can help protect the finish. This may help prevent warping or bowing from humidity in the unit. You may want to take your furniture apart too before you move it.

Store the Furniture on Pallets

Once you clean your furniture and are ready to move it to the unit, you should obtain some pallets. You should place the pallets on the floor in the unit prior to putting the furniture inside. By setting the items on pallets, you can create a barrier between the floor and the items. This can help prevent water damage if water happens to seep under the door. When you place the furniture in the shed, try to set it flat so that it cannot bow or warp.

Cover the Items with Breathable Coverings

One other thing you should consider doing is covering the items with breathable coverings. For example, you could use bed sheets or blankets. Breathable coverings over the items will protect them against scratches and dings, but it will allow airflow to continue. If you cut off the airflow to the items, moisture can build up, and moisture is an enemy of wood. Tarps are never a good choice of material to use for covering wood, as they can trap moisture inside.

Storing wood furniture in a storage unit is a great idea, but you might want to consider using a temperature-controlled unit. To rent a storage unit, contact a facility in your city. Look at this site for more information on choosing a self-storage unit.