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Finding Storage Units For Oversized Items

Hello, my name is Thomas Rickertz. Welcome to my website about acquiring storage units for large items. When I moved across country, I could not take many of my furniture or artwork with me. The average storage unit was just not big enough for all of my belongings, so I set out to find a suitable solution. Eventually, I found a storage facility with the unit sizes and configurations that I needed. On this site, I hope to help others understand how to select the perfect storage unit type and size for their needs. Please come back soon to learn more about this helpful topic.


Tips To Reduce Clutter Within Your Storage Unit

30 December 2017
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When it comes to packing a storage unit, many renters don't put a ton of thought into how they do it. They typically put things into storage as they look to move it out of their home and then run into a problem with the unit filling up or becoming a mess. Avoid running into this problem with these ideas that can help you avoid a cluttered storage unit. Limit What You Put Into Your Storage Unit Read More …

A Guide To Buying And Taking Care Of A Carport

22 November 2017
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If you are looking to invest in a carport for your property, it pays to learn a little bit about these structures and how they can serve you. You'll be able to choose the type of carport that you want, in addition to figuring out the most important considerations when purchasing one. To this end, read below and consider these tips so that you're in good hands when you're planning to buy a carport:  Read More …

3 Items That Come In Handy When Renting A Personal Storage Unit

10 November 2017
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Personal storage units are particularly handy when you have a lot of possessions. Moving these items in and out, however, is a demanding job. It doesn't have to be if you invest in the right personal storage equipment.  Moving Blankets and Pads If you have fragile furniture or memorable keepsakes, you don't want them getting damaged during all of this moving. You can protect possessions adequately by using moving blankets and pads. Read More …

Taking A Gap Year: Three Reasons Why You Need A Self-Storage Unit

5 November 2017
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Taking a gap year before starting college gives you a great way to see the world or take some time to work and save up money. However, if you are planning on moving out of your parents' home, you may find that you have little room for your personal items. Here are some of the many reasons you need a self-storage unit when taking a gap year: Childhood Belongings Storage Read More …

Using A Self-Storage Unit During A Divorce

26 October 2017
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When going through a divorce, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to do with the personal items you once shared. Renting a self-storage unit can provide a host of benefits to help you get through this difficult time. Here are just a few strategies you can use to make the most of a self-storage unit during your divorce. Neutral Ground Storage You may not want to visit your old home, or you may not want your future former spouse to enter your home to retrieve personal items. Read More …