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Finding Storage Units For Oversized Items

Hello, my name is Thomas Rickertz. Welcome to my website about acquiring storage units for large items. When I moved across country, I could not take many of my furniture or artwork with me. The average storage unit was just not big enough for all of my belongings, so I set out to find a suitable solution. Eventually, I found a storage facility with the unit sizes and configurations that I needed. On this site, I hope to help others understand how to select the perfect storage unit type and size for their needs. Please come back soon to learn more about this helpful topic.


5 Ways To Handle A Full Storage Unit As A Business Owner

2 November 2018
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If your self-storage unit has had no vacancies for months, that means that you are bringing in the cash. However, having no vacancies is not the best thing ever as it means that you are probably turning around potential customers on a regular basis. If your self-storage unit has been full for a while, there are some things that you can do to help your business.  #1 Raise Prices First, it may be time to raise your rent prices. Read More …

How To Store A Pool Table

27 June 2018
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A pool table may be a heavy thing, but it is not indestructible. In fact, pool tables are more delicate than most people think. That is why you need to be careful while storing your pool table; otherwise, you might come back and find it damaged. Here are some tips for pool table storage: Get Adequate Helpers First, you will need several people to help you with the project. This is because the pool table is both heavy and delicate, so it's easy to damage the table or hurt yourself if you have to strain while handling it. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Long-Term Car Storage

10 April 2018
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Whether you are going on a long vacation, need to travel for work, or you will simply be away from home for a while, long-term car storage may be something you need. In many parts of the country, leaving your car exposed to the elements for an extended period of time can lead to damage. This is especially true for classic cars and valuable cars, in addition to your everyday commuting car. Read More …

Prepping Your Boat For Storage? Think BEEC

14 February 2018
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Putting your boat in storage for the winter is the best way to ensure it's still in good, usable shape come spring. But before you put the boat in storage, there are some preparatory tasks you need to take care of. The best way to remember these four main tasks is with the anagram BEEC. Battery Charge your boat's battery, if it is not fully charged already. This way, when you want to take the boat out in the spring, the battery will already be ready to do. Read More …