How To Store A Pool Table

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How To Store A Pool Table

27 June 2018
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A pool table may be a heavy thing, but it is not indestructible. In fact, pool tables are more delicate than most people think. That is why you need to be careful while storing your pool table; otherwise, you might come back and find it damaged. Here are some tips for pool table storage:

Get Adequate Helpers

First, you will need several people to help you with the project. This is because the pool table is both heavy and delicate, so it's easy to damage the table or hurt yourself if you have to strain while handling it. The slate (the playing surface), of which some pool tables have more than one, are some of the most delicate parts of the pool table. Ideally, you should have a minimum of four helpers so that each one can grab a corner of the slates.

Disassemble the Table Before Moving

If you will be storing the pool table in another location away from where it is currently being used, then it's wise to disassemble it first before moving it. In fact, you should also store the table in its disassembled condition both for safety and for space maximization. A disassembled pool table will occupy a smaller area than an assembled one. Be careful when dissembling the pool table so that you don't scratch it or break the delicate parts.

Wrap Up the Individual Pieces

Once you get your pool table to the storage place carefully, you need to wrap them up and protect them from damage. Start by placing a large plastic sheet on the storage floor and then placing the slate on top. If there is more than one slate, place another plastic sheet on top of the first slate before stacking the next one on top. Make sure all the other parts of the table are wrapped up and leave a reasonable distance between them and the sides of the storage unit.

Aim for Climate Controlled Storage

Most parts of the pool table are not susceptible to weather-related damage. However, some parts (mainly the wooden parts, such as the frame) are susceptible to moisture or high-temperature damage. This is unfortunate because the quality of a pool table depends on how flat its surface is, and even a little warping (that moisture or heat can easily cause) may interfere with the table top's evenness. Therefore, keep your pool table in a temperature-controlled storage space to maintain its quality. To learn more, visit storage companies in your area.