3 Items That Come In Handy When Renting A Personal Storage Unit

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3 Items That Come In Handy When Renting A Personal Storage Unit

10 November 2017
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Personal storage units are particularly handy when you have a lot of possessions. Moving these items in and out, however, is a demanding job. It doesn't have to be if you invest in the right personal storage equipment. 

Moving Blankets and Pads

If you have fragile furniture or memorable keepsakes, you don't want them getting damaged during all of this moving. You can protect possessions adequately by using moving blankets and pads. Moving blankets come in many different sizes, depending on how large your pieces are. Featuring a polyester fabric, these blankets protect items from dents and scratches. 

Moving pads are very similar to moving blankets, only they are a little thicker. The extra padding is ideal for wooden furniture, such as dressers, trunks, and tables. A zig-zag stitching pattern ensures these pads hold up for a long time. 

Forearm Lifting Straps

Moving large objects into personal storage units is a tall order even for the strongest man. Get some assistance with forearm lifting straps. As their name implies, these straps wrap around the forearms and underneath the object being lifted. They are designed for two people to use, and they reduce lifting effort. You, therefore, don't have to throw out your back nor expend a lot of energy. 

The straps' adjustable design lets you move all sorts of objects, from large to small. They are particularly helpful for larger objects with an awkward shape, such as pianos, steel safes, large cabinets, and shelves. 

Convertible Dollies

If you're alone when moving items to and from the personal storage facility, forearm lifting straps won't work. Instead, you need a device that works with one user like a convertible dolly. You can switch from two wheels to four, depending on what's being transported. Larger items, for example, fit better on the dolly when the four-wheel design is used. Switching back to the two-part design is simple thanks to a spring-loaded release bar. 

When looking for one of these dollies, try getting one that has swivel casters. They let you effortlessly control the dolly around tight corners. Pneumatic tires might also be helpful during transportation because they are full of air. You can then travel over rocks and cracks that get in your path. 

If you use your personal storage unit on a regular basis, a lot of moving might be involved. Invest in the right equipment so that you can complete these jobs in a hassle-free manner. Contact a company like Cardinal Self Storage for more information and assistance.