Tips To Reduce Clutter Within Your Storage Unit

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Tips To Reduce Clutter Within Your Storage Unit

30 December 2017
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When it comes to packing a storage unit, many renters don't put a ton of thought into how they do it. They typically put things into storage as they look to move it out of their home and then run into a problem with the unit filling up or becoming a mess. Avoid running into this problem with these ideas that can help you avoid a cluttered storage unit.

Limit What You Put Into Your Storage Unit

The typical problem people run into with a storage unit is putting their belongings into storage and dealing with the problem when the unit is full. You'll end up with a full storage unit that has things you don't need, rather than things you need to hold on to that don't fit in your home. Try separating your items into four separate groups before you move them to storage.

The first group should be things that you think you'll need to use often in your home and should not go into storage. The second group is things that you don't use very often and can easily move into your storage unit. The third group is items that can be given away or donated. The fourth group is items not worth keeping and should be thrown in the trash.

If you take a moment to divide items in these groups, it will prevent the storage unit from becoming a mess. In addition, you'll need to know that you might have things that aren't even allowed in a storage unit. That includes anything that is flammable or perishable. Avoid taking live plants to a storage unit, since they will certainly die if not taken care of. You can contact a storage facility, like North Star Mini Storage, to see what items are allowed in the facility.

Use The Right Packaging

Garbage bags may be cheap, but they are the worst way to store things in a storage unit. They do not stack properly on each other, they will trap in moisture that can cause mold to grow, and they will make it difficult to find things.

Instead, use cardboard moving boxes. They are easy to stack, label, and move around once inside the storage unit. There are even specialty boxes for dishware, televisions, clothing, and other odd-shaped items.

Create a Storage Unit Inventory

Once things are in storage, create a simple inventory that you can keep at your home. It can be as simple as a list of each box and the type of items inside it, or you can get very specific with a detailed list of items. It helps to number boxes so that you can easily identify them later.