Taking A Gap Year: Three Reasons Why You Need A Self-Storage Unit

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Taking A Gap Year: Three Reasons Why You Need A Self-Storage Unit

5 November 2017
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Taking a gap year before starting college gives you a great way to see the world or take some time to work and save up money. However, if you are planning on moving out of your parents' home, you may find that you have little room for your personal items. Here are some of the many reasons you need a self-storage unit when taking a gap year:

Childhood Belongings Storage

Your parents may want to use your bedroom as a guest room, office, or crafting room, which means you'll need to remove those items from the home. A self-storage space offers the room you need to store these things away while you are traveling. It's also a good idea if you are planning on moving into the dorms after your gap year, as you won't have room to keep all your childhood belongings in the dorm room. Plan to rent a storage unit close to where you will be going to school, so you have easy access whenever you need it.

Hobby Space

During your gap year, you might consider taking up a new hobby, such as photography or painting. You can use your self-storage space as a hobby space or studio, which gives you a quiet, private place to work on your latest masterpieces. Renting a self-storage unit can be a more affordable alternative to renting studio space in some areas, and you get the bonus of having a secure place to store your art. If you are going to art school after your gap year is over, you can continue to use the storage unit as a space to work on school projects.

Souvenir Storage

For students traveling the globe before college, a storage unit provides ample space to hold all of the souvenirs and mementos collected from around the world. You can ship items to the storage facility with instructions for the items to be placed in your unit, or you can ship them to friends or family so they can transport the items to your storage unit. Have boxes or bins ready to hold these items, and consider labeling them with the names of each country you are visiting. This makes it easy to keep track of where each item came from. Be sure to leave keys with the person bringing your items to your storage unit, so they have easy access whenever it's needed.

Of course, there are many of other reasons to use a storage unit when taking a gap year. You can use it to store school and dorm supplies until you start your first semester, or you can use it as a place to study or read quietly. Consider all the uses for a storage unit, and determine if renting one can help you through your gap year.

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