Why You May Need These Supplies When Taking Your Items To A Self-Storage Unit

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Why You May Need These Supplies When Taking Your Items To A Self-Storage Unit

24 October 2017
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If you want to store a few items in self-storage, all you need is the right unit and a way to move your items there, right? Well, depending on what you want to store, you may need a few supplies to maximize the use of your self-storage unit. Here are some of the supplies you might need:


The best way to maximize your storage space is to use every available surface. Don't just put things on the floor; hang them on walls or from the ceiling and use shelves to help you use the vertical space. Shelves also make organization and accessibility easy—you don't have to rummage through numerous boxes to find the one you need. Confirm the dimensions of your storage unit before buying shelves; otherwise, you might be stuck with shelves that can't fit in your unit.

Loading and Offloading Equipment

Unless you will be using a moving company to transport the items to the storage facility, you also need loading and offloading equipment. Loading equipment such as ramps and sliding racks can be rented at reasonable costs.


Most things need to be packed in boxes before they are taken to storage. Items in boxes will occupy less space, allowing you to store more items in the same place. Boxes also add an extra layer of protection against dust, moisture, and even pests. It also makes retrieval easy because you can pack similar items together and label the boxes appropriately. Choose your boxes depending on the items you want to pack in them; for example, heavy items require sturdy boxes.

Packing Materials and Tape

If you will be placing your storage items in boxes, then you also need other packing materials to secure them. This is especially necessary for awkwardly shaped objects that may not fill their boxes or fragile items that may get damaged during transportation. Crumpled newspaper or plastic pellets are some of the packing materials you can use.


Many self-storage facilities require you to have a padlock for your storage unit. The padlock adds an extra layer of security in addition to the security provided by the storage facility. Choose a weatherproof padlock if it will be used outside the storage unit, and make sure it cannot be easily cut by thieves.

The above supplies should help you pack and store your things safely and with ease. You just need a secure storage place, and you are done. For more information about storage units, contact a professional facility or visit websites like http://www.selfstoragecolumbiamd.com/.