Finding Storage Units For Oversized Items

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Finding Storage Units For Oversized Items

Hello, my name is Thomas Rickertz. Welcome to my website about acquiring storage units for large items. When I moved across country, I could not take many of my furniture or artwork with me. The average storage unit was just not big enough for all of my belongings, so I set out to find a suitable solution. Eventually, I found a storage facility with the unit sizes and configurations that I needed. On this site, I hope to help others understand how to select the perfect storage unit type and size for their needs. Please come back soon to learn more about this helpful topic.


Tips For Storing Wood Furniture In A Storage Unit

20 October 2017
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If you do not want to spend a little extra each month to get a temperature-controlled storage unit, you could place your wood furniture in a regular storage. The downside to this is that wood furniture holds up better if it is in a temperature-controlled unit. There are steps you could take, though, to keep your wood furniture safe for a short time in a regular unit. Here are some ways to do this: Read More …

3 Things To Make Sure You Put In Climate-Controlled Storage

19 October 2017
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Many people believe that storage units are all equal. However, they are not all created equally. Not only do storage units come in different sizes, but they also come in different environments. Some units come with a climate-controlled environment, which can provide additional benefits if you have certain types of personal belongings that you are storing. For example, some items require consistent temperatures so that they don't get damaged, as they can't stand high humidity levels or varying temperatures. Read More …

2 Tips For Preparing Holiday Decorations For Storage

17 October 2017
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If you love decorating for the holiday season, then your seasonal decoration stash may be outgrowing your storage room. If you love to purchase new decorations every year, but still like to keep the older ones around for sentimental reasons, then it is a good idea to move your decorations into a storage unit after the holiday season. That way, you can shop 'til you drop when purchasing new decorations this year without worrying about your decoration collection taking up your entire home! Read More …

Tips For Storing Your RV

11 October 2017
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There may be times of the year when you are far less likely to want to use your RV. Often, this will be during the winter months when it will be more difficult to drive these large vehicles on icy roads. During this time, you will want to take great care in preparing the RV for an extended storage period. Otherwise, you will find that your RV may need substantial work before it will be in drivable condition when you remove it from storage. Read More …